Top Soccer Players in the World

I’ve been an avid soccer fan since I was 10 years old. I was hooked after I got a soccer ball for my birthday from my Aunt Laura. I immediately brought it into my yard and starting kicking it around. After my parents saw that I had a natural ability for kicking and bouncing the ball on my knee, they enrolled me in the local soccer program where I learned even more on how to play the game and be strategic. I then moved on to play varsity soccer in High School which earned me a scholarship to UConn in 1988. Best years of my life. Since then, I still can’t get enough soccer. Even at 46 years old, I’m still playing in my local town’s league and loving every minute of it. It’s my happy place!

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Since I love lists, as much as I love soccer, in my opinion, here are the top soccer players in the world!

5. Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal
Some of you may be a little surprised he made this list, but Sanchez was amazing in Serie A, La Liga, and the Premier League. In the EPL 2014-15 Season, he was definitely an asset to the club and the way he lined up his positions and executed his way to 16 EPL goals was incomparable. Arsenal won the FA cup that season. Need I say more about Sanchez?

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4. Luis Suarez, Barcelona
With much controversy behind Suarez, he still was able to score 24 goals and 17 assists after his suspension through October. It’s hard not to be a fan. Once he has that ball at his feet, we can’t stop watching him. I bet the Premier league is kicking themselves for sure after selling Suarez to Barcelona after the 2014 cup.

3. Eden Hazard, Chelsea
This Belgian is the Premier League’s top player. Hazard is consistent and precise in his game. He is a tremendously skilled dribbler. He is extremely creative with his technical ability and known for his speed. There is no stopping this bullet once he’s put in the game.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid
He didn’t make this list just on good looks alone. Scoring a whopping 63 goals over the course of the season, this Portuguese player is an anomaly in the soccer world. He’s been recognized as Facebook La Liga Player of the Year 2016 and Facebook La Liga Best Striker 2016, only to name a few. Numerous awards are under Ronaldo’s belt. He’s really a star.

1. Lionel Messi, Barcelona
Here we are at number one and if you are an avid soccer fan like me, this one should not surprise you at all! Messi’s soccer career has been nothing but stellar. He’s the Zeus of all things soccer. He is actually known throughout the professional soccer community as THE number one soccer player in the world. This amazing player beat the odds as a child when diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Well, look at him now!